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Have you ever wondered what is going on in the minds of our youth?  In this country, we are able to obtain wealth and material possessions.  We have opportunities to learn and retain vast amounts of knowledge from books, television, and the Internet.  We also have the luxury of enjoying entertainment and fun activities during any normal week.  So why are we seeing the symptoms of low self-esteem running rampant in our society among our current generation?  So, why are parents struggling to raise good kids?  Why are depression and divorce rates increasing every year?  What does it take these days to have a peaceful and fulfilling life? We created a media company that publishes books, podcasts, and videos to encourage and promote quality relationships that will exhort and build the heart of youth and parents alike.


When your not sure of your identity, then quality life decisions are negatively affected, but when you know your true identity, then life can become easier to navigate. Our online radio podcast was created to give insight into Christian identity, growth, and understanding every Monday (Identity), Wednesday (Marriage) and Friday (Parenting)!

We wrote this book to help those who are fighting through life in a battle against low self-esteem.  Now that we are raising children, we must help our children to succeed in life without the stress of low self-esteem.  We hope and pray that our books will encourage you to become all that God has called you to be!

Grace and Peace,
Patrick and Sharlena Tabor


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